History of Ann Rinaldi

Ann Rinaldi was born in New York City on August 27, 1934 to Michael and Marcella (Dumarest) Feis. Marcella died soon after Ann was born, so, Ann went to live with her aunt and uncle in Brooklyn. She recalls the time spent in their home with her doting teenage cousins as "the only happy part of my childhood." But it was short lived. For, as Ann explains, her father "abruptly" came and took her to live in New Jersey with him, her four siblings and a stepmother.

Though Ann's father was a newspaper manager, she states he "did everything he could to prevent me from becoming a writer." Her father would not allow Ann to attend college, and her previous school years were discouraging. She says, "at school they attempted to take out of me what spirit had eluded my stepmother. " So, as Ann explains, following graduation from high school, she went into the business world and became a secretary.

In 1960, Ann married Ron Rinaldi. She explains, "Ron was middle-class and sane. I wanted sanity after my crazy upbringing." After marrying, Ann left the business world and, after having two children, decided she wanted to be a novelist. Ann wrote four novels; however, she quickly
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